New Feature

Simplified, All-in-One Ads Page

September 19, 2019

Now you can manage all your ads from one simplified page.

The national ads page just got a whole fresh look. If you haven’t seen it yet, log in now and visit your Orders page!

Here’s a few key things to know:

  • These changes are part of a major makeover to the Flytedesk platform that’s been underway since summer 2018. With this update, all the pages of your account will have the same snazzy design: no more hopping from the old system to the new system.
  • Before, you toggled between “National” and “Ad Shop” ads. Now, all ads booked with your organization live in one filterable table.
  • Any national ads that ran with you prior to August 1, 2019 won’t be accessible from your account. If you need access to this information, reach out to us and we’ll send it to you! (if you’re using the Ad Shop, your historical Ad Shop data will be unaffected.)

And, if you really want to nerd out, here’s all the other details:

Single View for Ad Management

  • Now you can view all your ads - from national brands, to Bob’s Pizza down the road - in one place
  • Your Orders page is divided into two views. “Run Date” and “Insertion Order.”

Run Date View

  • The ads are in a list instead of a calendar. (We know you miss the calendar. Don’t worry, it’s planned for a return!)
  • You can view National ads only, or Ad Shop ads only using a filter
  • You can also filter your ads by status, by product, or by buyer
  • You can export a CSV of your national orders
  • The Customer for national ads will be labeled “Flytedesk” 
  • The Fulfillment for national ads will be labeled “National Fulfillment”
  • You can now see a thumbnail image of the creative & creative text BEFORE you download and accept it. Hooray!

Insertion Order View

  • You can assign a rep for a national campaign.
  • You can review IO’s that need approval (you’ll do this from here instead of the old “Confirm National Orders” page)
  • Sort & filter your orders by buyer, date, and approval status
  • Order statuses will look different:
  • Old order statuses:  Approved, Pending, Changes Requested, Rejected
  • New order statuses:
  • Active (ready to go/approved)
  • Pending Approval (these are colored red)
  • Rejected (requested changes to order)
  • Cancelled (order cancelled by the buyer)


  • You can now make notes on ads and insertion orders for your whole team to see.
  • For example, you might leave this note on an insertion order: “The buyer’s goal is to get as many social engagements as possible. Let’s like and share every post!”
  • You might leave these notes on an ad: “Put this half page ad on the sports page,” or “Post this social ad at 2pm.”
  • Access notes from the run dates view, insertion order view (coming soon: access ad/order notes from the  verification & billing pages)


  • The Verifications page has the same new refreshed look
  • From the Verifications page, you can now enter Additional Information about the verification. For example: the number of views or clicks on a social post, or an overheard positive comment about a news rack ad
  • Export a CSV of verification details


  • The Billing page has the same new refreshed look
  • You can sort and filter your national ads by buyer, status, rep, or product
  • Handy little visualizations tell you how much revenue you’ve been paid, and how much is still unpaid/outstanding
  • Export a CSV of billing details
  • We updated the billing statuses of ads.
  • Old billing statuses: Paid, Flytedesk Awaiting Payment
  • New billing statuses:
  • Paid (your bill has been processed, and your check is in the mail)
  • Invoiced (Flytedesk has invoiced the national buyer)
  • Unpaid (no invoice has been generated)