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A campaign booking and management tool that makes ad reps more efficient and publishers more profitable.

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Why publishers use the Ad Shop

Upgrade local sales efforts

Google and Facebook have made local advertisers accustomed to online campaign booking accompanied with detailed ad performance reports. The Ad Shop provides just that for organizations of all sizes. 

Efficiently sell across all channels

Use the Ad Shop as a tool during your sales calls. Easily build a campaign while you’re with the client that includes a mix of print, online, social, out-of-home, and other custom products.

Streamline billing and collections

Gone are the days of waiting for payment. Use the Ad Shop for end-to-end campaign creation and collection. Save time and energy with automatic invoicing and credit card collections.


Responsive Booking Tool

The Ad Shop is a browser-based sales solution that lets your clients create and book campaigns from any device.

Predictive Ad Performance

As clients create campaigns, they’ll see the total number of expected impressions across each ad channel.

Ad Management

Promote creative services and
upsell clients. Easily upload artwork for client approval and verification, avoiding lost emails.

Streamlined Billing

Automated invoices & insertion orders, plus secure credit card processing. No more chasing money for completed work.

Customer CRM

Manage all clients' booking history, campaign performance and notes, creating continuity for new account managers.

Instant Ad Verification

The Ad Shop empowers you to digitally verify every booked ad. Clients can see proof of placement from their account.

Bundles and Discounts

Easily create multi-channel bundles to cross-sell clients. Provide discount codes for limited time use.

Make-Good Scheduling

If you're unable to fulfill an ad
request, for whatever reason, use the Ad Shop to easily schedule a make-good.

Optimize the booking experience

Ad reps can build campaigns with clients

As you create a campaign with a client, predictive ad performance will help get you to the point-of-sale. Based on client feedback, tweak the campaign and send the buyer a link to preview and check-out.

Clients can build their own campaigns

Link your Ad Shop from your website, email signatures and social media channels. Clients can book ads when it’s convenient for them, all year long.

Ad Shop Accounts

Publisher Account
Monitoring your sales and available ad inventory is easy with the publisher dashboard. View orders, artwork, revenue and ad inventory. Create multiple user roles to give team access.

Buyer Accounts
Anyone who buys an ad is automatically given a buyer account. This gives dashboard access to their campaign overview, predictive ad performance and pricing. The buyer can view account history and easily re-order or create new campaigns.


After the first few weeks of launching our Ad Shop, we received $1,000 in new revenue!

flytedesk’s platform provides us with the convenience and speed that our customers value. Plus, it’s like adding another member to our sales team.

If you haven't checked out flytedesk yet, you should. They're highly organized, competent, and customer-service oriented.

How it works

1. Upload your media kit

Insert all local ad options and price points, including print, web, social, out-of-home and custom products.

2. Customize your Ad Shop

Upload your logo and select your theme and colors.

3. Create a stripe account

Having a stripe account allows us to pay you directly every time an ad is booked.

4. Start Selling

Post your Ad Shop link on your website, email signatures, and social media channels to start streamlining sales today!

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