New: Updated 'Settings' Page

May 24, 2019

Updating your billing & contact info just got even smoother.

We made some changes to the flytedesk account settings, including the way you update billing information, passwords, and contact information. Most notably, there's now a single Settings page (instead of multiple) to toggle between 'Account' and 'Organization' Settings tabs.

Here's what else changed from the old settings pages:

  • We added a "Checks Payable To" line to your Billing information. No more check confusion - tell us who to make it out to!
  • We added a multi-line address box for your billing address, because it's probably useful to have more than one address line
  • You can see your friendly flytedesk rep's info from any tab in your settings, not just the old "My flytedesk Rep" page
  • User account info now lives on its own "Account" Settings tab. From here you can edit your contact name, email, phone number, and password
  • Settings that used to live under "My Publication" now live under the "Organization" Settings tab. From here you can edit your organization name and billing address

Wait... what's an "organization name"?

  • Your organization is your media conglomerate, your LLC, your corporate entity... the name of your business! It could be the same as the name of your publication ("The Campus Times"), or it could be an umbrella for many media outlets ("Campus Media Group, Inc."). If the name of your organization is an umbrella that owns several media properties, you can add those properties individually to your media kit.

Finally, we're adding a "Team" Settings tab in early June. Til then, you can continue configuring your team from the current "My Team" page. Just a heads up, the billing contact info (name, email, phone number) will be hidden for a few weeks while we work on Team Settings. Here are other improvements coming with the new Team Settings tab:

  • New access permission roles for even greater flexibility
  • Ability to tag primary, billing, and adviser contacts
  • Invite new team members and configure the user roles of your whole organization