We’re hiring, we’re always hiring – because we hire people not functions.

Our thesis is simple: smaller organizations are more efficient, more fun, and more like family. We’re incredibly picky about who we hire because we believe that if we can find the absolute best candidate – we can accomplish with 100 people what would otherwise take 300.

To work at flytedesk you have to be able to grow into a top 1% performer in your field. That’s mostly a function of hard work, so we don’t ask you to know everything off the bat. We’re proud of what we do to make flytedesk a great place to learn.

We also look for kindred spirits and when we call ourselves band of merry nerds, we’re only half kidding. We want to know what drives you, we want to see where your moral compass points you, we want to know who you are. This sounds really crazy but building a company is hard and we bleed for each other to get where we want to go – we need to believe you’re worth bleeding for. Perhaps it’s worth noting that while we take our work seriously, but ourselves, not so much. If you’re a me-me narcissist, we probably won’t like you.

We look for diverse backgrounds and common threads. There are few things more gratifying than looking around at a group of people who look different, sound different, come from different places and yet all march to the beat of the same drum. Flytedesk is made up of grad school valedictorians and class dodgers, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts and pro-skiers, sartorialists and people you might mistake for a hobo.

We’re weird, we’re family, and we work harder than anyone else. Come join us.

flytedesk is the largest network of campus advertising in the U.S. and we build the technology advertisers use to access it at scale!

Wait, what? How do you do that?

Brands spend billions trying to reach millennials 18-24, but since 63% block ads online and 57% don’t have TV, that’s become really difficult to do effectively. We aggregate all the advertising on college campuses and make it easy to buy in a single platform. We operate across every media channel – we work with 500 college newspapers, have billboards on 500 campuses, and reach college students a dozen other ways.

Damn. That makes sense. That didn’t exist?

Nope, flytedesk was founded by CP+B and NBC alum (former journalists!) who were just as dumbfounded. Advertising on college campuses looks almost the same as advertising in the “real world” but the audience is way more valuable and it’s completely inaccessible.

We’re a Techstars ’15 company backed by Steve Case, Chuck Porter, Alex Bogusky, and the founders of SpotX. We reach 85% of U.S. college students on behalf of Nintendo, Trojan, Dr Pepper, Jimmy Johns, Adult Swim, and L.L.Bean.

Hehe, Trojan…

Oh, please, grow up. This is what we work on for Trojan, we’re very proud of that.

Touché, what’s it like at flytedesk?

We work really hard and are obsessed with building flytedesk. We’re a weird, weird, brilliant family. We take our work seriously, but ourselves, not so much. We’re grateful we get to do this work and on birthdays we bring in Julian the Clown.

A clown! I’m in, what do you want me to do?

We want you to come in and own the client experience. Our CEO and VP-Growth always meet clients first and get to know their needs, but then they get out of the way so account managers can operationalize, execute, and hit it out of the park. We need you to be super creative and insanely detail-oriented, it’s a lot.

Sweet, you should have seen my middle school book reports, they were lit!

That’s nice, but this is the big leagues. We work with fortune 500 CMOs and teams from the best and biggest media agencies. Ideally, you’ve been a top performer at a top media agency and are looking to transition to a hyper-growth startup. You build relationships in your sleep and they’re founded on transcendent authenticity. You can be a big weirdo, you can be an introvert, you just need to be awesome and actually care about our clients’ success.

The Fine Print

  • This is a full time, salaried position
  • This position will work out of our Boulder office, unless you want to convince us you should split time between Boulder and NYC
  • Start date: as soon as possible
  • flytedesk is an At-Will and Equal Opportunity Employer

flytedesk offers an amazing list of benefits, including:

  • Untracked PTO and holiday paid time off
  • Health Insurance
  • Bereavement leave
  • Work computer (Mac or PC)
  • Professional development
  • Snack closet and weekly fruit deliveries
  • Julian the clown on your birthday!
  • All benefits mandated under federal and state law

Damn, what an opportunity, you don’t even have to pay me.

Tempting, but we will pay you! Depending on the candidate we’re thinking somewhere between $35k – $60k to start. To apply please click the “Apply Now” button below.