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Flytedesk is an automated ad buying platform that aggregates all the advertising on college campuses and makes it easy to buy in a single platform. It’s a marketplace, the best ad inventory to reach millennials 18-24 on one side, advertisers on the other.
If you can think to target by it, you can target by it. DMA, City, State, Zip Code, Demographics, Interests… we have over 50 data points so you can reach your intended audience. Since much of our opportunities are campus wide, it’s probably useful to think of “campus” as your basic unit of measurement.
Typically, we charge 10% above a lowest guaranteed rate. The inventory we make available was previously so fragmented that the overhead to buy it might cost more than the media itself. Through our technology we can bring it to you for a fraction of the cost.
We are the only technology company in the space. You could call each inventory provider yourself (expensive even for a handful of campuses and impossible at scale) or pay a youth marketing agency to call them for you (really expensive even for a handful of campuses and really, really, ludicrously expensive at scale). You could probably indirectly find some of our digital inventory through a traditional DSP but 95% of our inventory is only available here.

Media Partners

Just click the Sign Up button in the header and and you'll be on your way. If you have a type of inventory we haven’t worked with before we’ll figure out how to make it play nicely in our ecosystem.
Typically, we take a 20% commission off your lowest guaranteed rate (if it’s not biddable). That gives our advertisers the confidence to buy from our platform and aligns our interests – we only make money when you do. We’ve benchmarked our split at the favorable side of industry standards.
We are the only tech company in the space. Hell, we’re one of the few adtech companies that operates across channels in pursuit of an audience rather than inventory type.


Aggressively asked but a really important question. We started flytedesk, in part, because of the agencies and companies looking to make a buck off us in college. Flytedesk was founded at a college newspaper by our CEO who is obsessed with college papers. It’s the tools we always needed, but never had, built by people who put student media first.
We sell ads using the prices that you give us from your media kit, and take a 20% commission when we sell an ad on your behalf. We see ourselves as part of your organization and we always paid our sales reps 20% in college. We just happen to go after revenue you couldn’t get on your own.


The flytedesk app allows you to manage your paper's ad verifications from your phone. No more tearsheets, just take a photo of the ad you ran and it'll be submitted automatically. Our app makes it easy for our member publications to easily upload and track their tearsheets.
The app is available now in the iPhone app store and the Android Play Store. Just search for “flytedesk”!

Easy, just use the Sign In link in the header, here, and click the forgot password link to reset it. We'll send an email to the address on your account. After resetting your password, log in on the app using your email and new password.
Unfortunately, no. But you can click the Sign Up link in the header and select the "Publisher (Sell Ads)" option when prompted.

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