How to Buy

Define your Demographics

Target your precise audience by city, state, zip code, and DMA – refine by affluence, ethnicity, interests, and more.

Thousands of Opportunities on College Campuses

The media ecosystem on college campuses looks just about the same as what’s available in the real world – it just runs in parallel and is only accessible at scale through flytedesk.



On-Campus Activation

Student Newspaper

Social Network



Manage Production

Every step of your campaign can be managed through the flytedesk platform. Create specific roles to loop in your creative team and show clients a real-time feed of ads.


You see a photo verification of every single ad that runs, period. Publishers use our app to take photos of ads on campus and our automated image recognition technology makes sure it ran properly and reports back to you.

The Largest Network of On-Campus Media

We power the advertising ecosystem that reaches millenials where it matters most.

Media Campuses Students
College Newspapers 1200 14 MM
Sponsored Content 1200 14 MM
Digital Student Media 1000 10 MM
Campus Out-of-Home 400 7 MM
College Radio 500 8 MM
Flyers & Posters 1200 14 MM
Sports Arenas 200 4 MM
Coasters 600 8.5 MM
Concerts 350 6.5 MM
Mobile Apps 150 1.5 MM
Cafeteria Signage 800 12 MM
Brand Ambassadors 1200 14 MM
Food Deliveries 160 1.5 MM

20M students, all 50 states, we’re everywhere