Our Story

flytedesk isn’t all that complicated. Advertisers spend $70B each year targeting millennials 18-24 and split their budgets mostly between ads on TV and ads online. But when they’re 18-24, millennials are in school, on campus – and 63% of them block ads online and 57% of them don’t have cable. In short, as much as advertisers target them, they aren’t reaching them.

We’re student media nerds, with deep roots in millennial marketing. Before flytedesk, the $6B in ad inventory on college campuses – split between college newspapers, campus out of home, student sites, sports arenas, and more – wasn’t accessible at scale. What used to take months to find, contract, and manage – flytedesk does in 5 minutes. That opens up a new world of opportunities to the partners we work with today.

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The Mission

We’ll always be college newspaper nerds – and that informs all we do. We know our audience better than anyone else and that allows us to reach that audience where it matters most. It’s our mission to build the financial engine of student media by solving the biggest pain point in advertising.

The Team

Meet the team. Looking to join? Email us at jobs@flytedesk.com

Alex Kronman

CEO & Founder

Piper Jackson-Sevy

VP - Growth

Kirsten Suddath

VP - Finance & Operations

Katy McNeill

Head of Product

Dan Newman

Dir. of Engineering

Amber VanOrman

Dir. of Sales

Megan Graft

Dir. of Publisher Development

Kit Summers

Operations Analyst

Siddharth Pant

Web Developer

Andrew Casali

Visual Designer

Mackenzie Dennis

UX/UI Designer

Ryan Turner

Publisher Account Manager


Company Clown

Cheeba Toevs

Chief Security Officer

Buster Suddath

Chief Happiness Officer

Jazz Paws McNeill

Interim CEO

Hazel May Casali

Chief Barketing Officer

Blizzard Bear Casali

Chief Distraction Officer